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One of the most profound effects that you can have on your local economy is to shop locally. One of the best parts about Tulsa is its unique local shops, which provide exquisite service, and products that you can’t find elsewhere.



                Midtown Market- This is a great little boutique, with tons of décor and furniture pieces, they also offer amazing design services

                Cheap Thrills Vintage- This is a really fun little vintage clothing store. The owner’s clothes are in great condition, and she always has new arrivals coming in.

                Vintage Vault- One of my favorite vintage shops, I have found outfits for parties, as well as really cool décor.

                Retro Den- This shop is one of the best places to shop for vintage décor and furniture. These stylish, unique pieces are perfect for any home, also make sure you check out this house plants, they will definitely make you swoon.

Utica Square

                This is an area you can eat in, or shop around. While Utica Square hosts a number of corporate stores, there are a few local places worth checking out.

The Snow Goose- one of my favorites, this little store has all kinds of gadgets, funny cards, and whimsical toys.

Ted’s Pipe Shoppe- definitely for a tobacco aficionado, this shop has pipes from all over the world, an excellent cigar collection, and custom tobacco blends.

Pavilion- a cool little boutique with upscale women’s apparel and accessories.

Stonehorse Market- handcrafted breads, and other luxury food items that can only be found here. Perfect for the foodie in your life.

The Pearl District

                Two Guys Bowties- This shop is really cool, Two Guys started their business using wood as a fashion accessory, all of their bow ties are custom made and designed, and make a great present (full disclosure, their beautiful ties and hats are on the pricey side).

                TK Wedding and Event Décor- Although there is “wedding” in the title, Tasha’s shop has all kinds of pieces in it, not just things for wedding and events (even though that is what she specializes in).

Kendall Whittier

                This is a newly developing area, but you can follow, what pop up shops are going on (usually on Saturdays), check KW Square here:


                Ida Red- This little shop is amazing. You can find all kinds of gifts and apparel that are unique to Tulsa. Once they even were selling little bits of the demolished floor from the Cains after they redid their dancefloor.

                Stash- Stocked with cool gifts and apparel, this is a great hidden gem in Tulsa. 


                Boomtown Tees- located in the blue dome district, this little shop has custom tee shirts, backpacks and other apparel that is uniquely Tulsa. This shop provides great gifts for out of towners, because many of the tees celebrate Tulsa landmarks and Oklahoma history

The Boxyard- This retail space will open this Saturday. Below is a list of all the new shops going in:

                  -the STEMcell
                  – Modern Mess
                  – Beau & Arrow
                  – Sole Massage
                  – Abelina’s Boutique
                  – East+West
                  – The Water Co.


These are just a few of some of the fun, unique and locally owned shops in Tulsa. When considering gifts for family and friends, consider supporting our local businesses, because not only will you find gifts that are not one size fits all, but you will also be helping to grow and support our local economy. #win-win


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