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About to hit the road or jump on a plane? Space is Key.

  1. Only bring the essentials. Seems easy, right? If you are packing in a hurry this can be difficult. Instead of rushing through packing, organize your outfits by day. Choosing articles that can be worn for multiple days with different outfits.
  2. Roll your clothing. Stuff your socks or undergarments inside your shoes, and make sure to wear your bulkiest shoes on your travel day. Also it is good to leave your bulkiest item, like a coat or jacket, out of your bag so you have more space.
  3. Have sample sizes of your toiletries (this is especially helpful if flying and you don’t plan on checking a bag because they fit the <3oz criteria). For an added measure, cover the tops of your bottles with plastic wrap before returning the lid to the product, this will prevent leaks, especially in the case of a pressure change.
  4. Travel can be stressful enough, so make sure to have the items you need handy, and keep your valuables and wallet close to prevent theft. For example, always keep your jewelry in a small container in the bag you plan to keep on your person. The same goes for things like your cell, e-reader, ect.
  5. Always keep an eye mask, earplugs, and headphones to your music player. These items will allow you to sleep if you need to, and music can make your trip much more relaxing.
  6. Try not to stress. Your trip is meant to be enjoyable.

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