Room 202 - Restless Ribbon Room

During the height of the 1950’s, Brookside became a place for high school students to gather with friends. This lead to the “Restless Ribbon” where cars packed with students cruised up and down Peoria. Today you can enjoy boutiques, fine food, and the eclectic nightlife on “The Restless Ribbon” during your stay at The Campbell Hotel.

Experience Brookside in this queen standard guest room which has clean lines and subtle gray colors. The Restless Ribbon room features a custom decorative fireplace, small stone writing desk, custom marble vanity, and raised bathroom floor. It also has the original cast iron soaking tub with a newly attached shower head. Additionally, the room has some of the original hardware and crown molding from the 1920s.

Room 207 - The Pearl Room

One of Tulsa’s oldest neighborhoods, The Pearl District is home to many old buildings and their fabulous architecture.  A work in progress, this area is located at 6th and Peoria, near Downtown Tulsa, and is an urban neighborhood possessing a grass-roots atmosphere.

Subtle, grey metallic designs fill this queen standard guest room.  This is the perfect room for a soothing, calming stay.  Additionally, this room is extremely family friendly, and has the possibility to be connected to the adjacent Golden Hurricane Room 208.  The Pearl Room contains a raised tiled bathroom floor, custom granite vanity, porcelain tile, and decorative fireplace.

This is a pet friendly room.

Room 214 - Leon Russell Room

If you’re from Oklahoma, you know singer, songwriter Leon Russell.  Inducted into the Hall of Fame in March of 2011, Russell began his musical career here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  From the grand piano headboard and area rug, and the hand painted portrait above the fireplace, this awesome room is the place to stay for legendary music fans.

This Tulsa piano man themed room also contains a large writing desk, raised bathroom floor, and granite-lined shower.