Room 204 - Tulsa Rose Bowl Room

Step back into the lanes of The Rose Bowl during your stay at The Campbell.  This fabulously decorated king standard guest room is modeled after one of Tulsa’s long time landmarks located on Historic Route 66, The Rose Bowl, which first opening in 1962.  Raised bath floor.

Room 205 - Tulsa Art Deco Room

If you love metallic and mirrors, you’ll love this art deco room modeled after the roaring 20’s, when Tulsa was flush with oil money.  You will appreciate this magnificently decorated king standard guest room while being taken back to a classic moment in time.  A must while enjoying your stay at The Campbell.  Raised bath floor.

Room 209 - Casa Loma Room

Built in 1927, the Max Campbell building was home of the Casa Loma Hotel.  This room reflects the rich history of the building and hotel and what it once was.  To experience a place in history, and relish in classic decor, spend a night in the Casa Loma room.

This is a pet friendly room.

Room 210 - Redbud Valley Room

Sometimes we all need a place of beauty and quite scenery.  Gold tones fill this amazing king room, named after Redbud Valley.  If you are a nature lover, just minutes from Tulsa is the Redbud Valley Nature Preserve.  Stay in this amazing room and soak up the serenity.  Raised bath floor.

Room 211 - Campbell Couture Room

If you are into couture, you will love this room!  If you want dramatic, this is it.  From the stenciled black heels on the gorgeous, original hardwood floors to the spectacular custom couture bed, you are bound to be taken away from reality in this meticulously, fab place.  You won’t regret this experience.  Raised bath floor.

Room 212 - Side Saddle Room

An elegant room all on its own, but can also ride side saddle to the connecting Equestrian Suite (Room 213) to make a luxurious two bedroom, two bath suite. With subtle colors, this room allows you to feel at peace while staying as a guest at The Campbell Hotel. The room also includes a raise bathroom floor with the original tub and tile. Enjoy the decorative fireplace and corner granite writing desk. This family friendly room also has the ability to adjoin to the Equestrian Suite, Room 213.

Room 215 - Cowboy Room

Love the western theme look?  Celebrate your day by waking up in this country themed room.  We even added a touch of Oklahoma State University for the OSU Cowboy fan.  Modeled after the fabulous sink in the bathroom, this room is for someone who is passionate about true country.  Ceramic tile floor.  Raised bath floor.  Strobe/Fire.

Room 217 - Wiemann Room

Named after Ernest Wiemann, the company Wiemann Metalcraft was founded in 1940 and opened as Ernest Wiemann Iron Works providing custom, high quality, ornamental metal work in Tulsa.  Their work is features in such places as The Gilcrease Museum, Philbrook Museum, The University of Tulsa, and more.  A long-time part of Tulsa history, enjoy some pieces of iron works in this king guest room.  Raised bath floor.

Room 218 - Crimson & Cream Room

The only school known as Sooners, The University of Oklahoma definitely has a place here at The Campbell for the Oklahoma Sooner fan.  This king guest room is designed with colors of crimson and cream with a little added touch for the Boomer Sooner.  Raised bath floor.

Room 219 - Gilcrease Skyline Room

Rediscover Oklahoma’s native skyline in this beautiful, unique room filled with Native American Indian decor.  From the turquoise, reds and blues, to the dream catchers and natural carved wood bed, you’re expected to have a Southwestern experience.  Whirlpool tub in bath.  View of Downtown Tulsa.

Room 222 - TU Alumni Room

You don’t just have to be a TU Alum to stay in the TU Alumni room.  If you are one of TU’s biggest fans, you’ll love the décor in this quaint, king guest room.  From the hurricane valances to the spectacular artwork and shades of gold, blue, and crimson, your stay is bound to be a memorable one.  Raised bath floor.

Room 224 - Patti Page Room

Patti Page, one of Oklahoma’s most popular ladies, was the best-selling female music artist in the 1950s.  This gorgeous room was designed after her single “Mockin’ Bird Hill,” which sold over one million copies in 1951.  She was a true, jazzy lady.

This room features soft shades of blue and yellow, with warm tones which provides a calming experience.  The Patty Page Room also has a raised bathroom floor.  Additionally, this family friendly room can be connected to the Route 66 Suite, Room 223.